4 tips to extend the life of your curtains

Just had your brand new curtains installed? You're super chuffed with yourself at how amazing they look, and you're trying not to think about how much they cost! But, as all furnishings eventually wear and start looking less than their best, what are the best tips on keeping your curtains in top shape for longer?

Curtains act like the lungs of your home - they quietly filter out dust, car fumes, salt (if you're lucky enough to live by the ocean), pollens and spores, cooking grease and smells - eventually making your curtains appear dull and grey. Here's what can help:

1. Regularly vacuum your curtains. Of course, some fabrics are delicate so just use your judgement here, put the vaccuum on the lowest suction setting, pop the clean upholstery attachment on and gently vacuum, starting from the top of the curtain, this will draw out the dust, pollens and insects who have made a perfect little home in the pleats. I would probably recommend to do this once every two months - but even if you did it once or twice a year, it will still make a big difference long term.

2. Keep your windows and window sills clean. Here in Auckland with it's high humidity, mould and mildew is a big problem. 'Even on my double glazed windows?' Yes, unfortunately - although considerably less so. Bleach will kill invisible mould spores, so put a capfull in a spray bottle filled with water and wipe the windows and surrounds regularly (be careful not to spray any bleach on your curtains). If you're sensitive to chemicals, use a few drops of Oil of Cloves - available at any chemist - instead of bleach, works a treat and makes your house smell like Apple Pie.

3. Use Curtain Draw rods! I recommend this to all my customers. The less you touch your curtains, the less dirt, grime, grease (make up!) gets on them. The more fragile the fabric ie. linens, hemp or anything with a loose weave, the more important it is. Constant pulling on the curtain day after day will eventually weaken the fibres and can cause a tear, uneven shaping of that part of the curtain, or a worn edge. They are super cheap and can be purchased from any hardware store or curtain supply shop. ie. Bunnings, Spotlight, Mitre10.

4. Have them professionally cleaned. As soon as you notice dirt, grime, watermarks, mould, insect dirt it's best to remove it before it worsens. The sun will 'bake' in watermarks, mould, stains and dirt - which left long enough will be impossible to remove. And of course removing the mould from your curtains will benefit your health.

Have you noticed your curtains need some professional attention? Call us to have a chat about how we can help restore them and get that 'new curtain' feel back in your home.

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